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Pearl Jasmine Gin

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Brass Lion Pearl Jasmine Gin evokes bright mornings with the scent of jasmine in the air. Soft, silvery buds are carefully hand rolled and dried with fragrant jasmine blossoms. When steeped, each pearl unfurls into an aromatic tea with sweet, delicate flavours. Combined with the citrus and juniper notes of gin, these nostalgic flavours have been given a boozy, grown-up twist that makes Pearl Jasmine Gin intoxicating. A gin that is bright and elegant, with a smooth floral finish that lingers on both your mind and palate.

We selected Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine Tea as the main ingredient in this exclusive gin as an ode to teenage memories of sipping on bottled jasmine green tea. We’ve also included a dragon and phoenix in the label design as a symbol of harmony.

Pearl Jasmine Gin Tea Eggs
In a sustainable effort to repurpose the ingredients used to make this limited edition gin, we will be giving away complimentary Pearl Jasmine Gin Tea Egg Sachets to customers who purchase our Pearl Jasmine Gin, while stocks last. Made with leftover tea leaves from distillation and a special blend of botanicals, these sachets will come with a recipe card to allow you to create your own jasmine tea gin botanical marinated eggs.

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Pearl Jasmine Gin

Regular price $108 SGD

Pearl Jasmine Gin
Pearl Jasmine Gin

Tasting notes

Bright mornings with a scent of jasmine in the air

Nose Bright, sweet delicate flowers
Palate Fresh earthy notes and soft, intoxicating floral flavours with a hint of piney juniper
Finish Smooth with light tannins

Bottle size 500ml
Recommended mixer Indian Tonic
Recommended garnish Lemon peel