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*New* Osmanthus Oolong Gin

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A collaboration between Gryphon®️ Tea Company and Brass Lion Distillery, the Osmanthus Oolong gin celebrates the union of artisans. Inspired by botanicals used in both tea and gin making, the tea blend was specially crafted to complement the citrusy and juniper notes of our gin. With fruity, floral top notes and a heart of juniper and eucalyptus, this complex and delicate gin finishes with the subtle notes of the oolong tea.

Crafted with Spirit - Made with Passion.


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*New* Osmanthus Oolong Gin

Regular price $98 SGD

Brass Lion x Gryphon Osmanthus Oolong Gin
Crafted with Spirit - Made with Passion

Tasting notes

Delicate and refreshing, with fresh citrus and floral notes


Brightly floral and fruity top note, with a delicate osmanthus flavour


Pleasant flavour of juniper and eucalyptus

Finish Subtle flavour of toasty oolong

Bottle size
Recommended tonic
Mediterranean Tonic
Recommended garnish
Lemon peel and Rose buds